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“Never Shall I Forget” Poetry Model based on Elie Wiesel’s “Never Shall I Forget”

Never shall I forget that big dirt field in Pittsburgh.

Never shall I forget the screaming crowd as the ball went soaring. 

Never shall I forget my team rushing to plate, jumping all around. 

Never shall I forget the ball landing in the bleachers. 

Never shall I forget the sun in my eyes as I ran around the bases.

Never shall I forget my beaming smile, stretched from ear to ear. 

Never shall I forget that I can do anything I set my mind to. 

Never shall I forget that nothing is impossible.

Never shall I forget these things as long as I live.



“A Daughter’s Best Friend”

Kaitlyn Kulenovic, Grade 12

The woman that gave and still gives me life,

Composed of nothing but beauty and strength

She loves me immensely despite all strife,

With a love that does not know any length 

When I doubt myself or don’t feel the best,

She takes care of me with such selflessness

It’s an understatement to say I’m blessed,

To have someone wish me only success

Words can not explain how much she is worth,

As no unit of measurement could fit

I love her more than anyone on Earth

And that will never change the slightest bit

My mom is my given life long best friend

And this will stay true until life may end


“12 Days of Halloween”

Maximus Nassar, Grade 12

On the 12th day of Halloween outside all I could see

Were 12 Witches Walking

11 Lunatics Lurking

10 Jokers Joking

9  Angels Rising

8 Clowns a Creepin’

7 Ghosts a Booin”

6 Sneaking Skeletons

5 Bats a Glidin’

4 Houses Haunting

3 Zombies biting

2 Killers Approaching

And a wave of kids to annoy and burden me!


Maximus Nassar, Grade 12

She fought hard against her own temptation

She realized it would be the end of her

Certain bad luck and endless damnation

Little she knew, it would all be a blur


She took the sip of liquor, rolled the dice

Walked to her car, it was just a short drive

With a swerve and a zig zag, she blinked twice

Her eyes opened, she was barely alive


Stood above her was a woman in white

She said it was fine, but there was a catch

For whom she saw was the biggest delight

It was her mom, a relief none could match


As it appears, it was all a nightmare

Blessed, for it was something she could not bare


“A War Between Love and Hate”

I want to live in a world full of love

Instead I’m surrounded by so much hate

I pray for answers from heaven above

Wish they could see what’s to appreciate


I wonder if we’ll ever find world peace

I guess spreading love must be a battle

I wonder if the hate will ever cease

Love will win no matter what must rattle


One day we will all choose love, I believe.

Hate or love; the war can’t last forever.

Hate or love; the war we can not deceive

One day we will all choose love together.


The day will come where we choose to be one

The war between love and hate will be done.


“His Very Last Words”

His very last words were heartfelt.

The words are engraved in my brain.

“Love you always,”

His very last words shattered my heart.


The words are engraved in my brain.

This is not how I wanted it to end.

His very last words shattered my heart,

I will never forget what he said.


This is not how I wanted it to end.

I lost my father, my best friend.

I will never forget what he said.

I will love you always, until we meet again.


“Love you always”,

His very last words were heartfelt.

I lost my father, my best friend.

I will love you always, until we meet again.


“Rainbows on the Other Side”

Emily Hritz, Grade 9

I live on the other side of this town 

The shy dark grey sky, a town called CloudsVille

I try to stay awake, but I slowly drown

 SunnysVille, bright and shiny is such a thrill


Most people move across there all the time 

 They do not like this side of the rainbow

Some people say “this town ain't worth a dime”

The shape is weird itself, it's like a toe


In SunnysVille the sweet birds chirp all day 

Cherry blossom trees all bright red and pink 

Across the green mountains there's a blue bay

The animals love you, you get a wink


Im thankful for much, but not to live here

It's like the end is always so close near


Emily Hritz, Grade 9

Loneliness collapses on her in a room full of people. 

She wears a white long-sleeved cardigan full of grief. 

She stands with patience, playing with her charm bracelet. 



Emily Hritz, Grade 9

It ticks away on an analog clock

Time, goes by so fast 

Wishing, wanting, hoping to go back 

Sitting alone thinking about all the good times


Time goes by so fast 

Realizing what time it is now 

Sitting alone thinking about all the good times 

Coping with your sadness 

Realizing what time it is now 

Ticking away soft and then intense 

Coping with your sadness 

Why does time go by so fast? 


It ticks away on an analog clock

Ticking soft and then intense 

Wishing, wanting, hoping to go back

Why does time go by so fast? 



The girl had a yellow sense of humor

While the boy had a blue sense of lifestyle

The girl waited while the boy had humor

In sorrow and silence they made a pile


They never saw each other, just waited

The boy searched for yellow humor no...

 The girl looked for blue life style and waited

They waited so long that the flowers blow


In time we will see and love each other

I thrive and live with your emotions

With silence and care my pain will smother

I put it on with care and emotions


The mask sits still without any movements

Walked right past each other no improvements


“Life of Mine”

Why do I always get yelled at?

Maybe I’m a bad kid

Why do the Refs suck?

They must not be trained

Why can’t I ever have consecutive good games? 

Maybe I am just exhausted

My dreams are short and forgetful

I’m not that comfortable

My seat only fits one

I might be a loner

She makes my heart full

I love her


Morgan Amoroso, Grade 11

Jealousy turns you into a demon and he takes over your body causing you to lose control.

Wearing his devilish smirk and all red suit,

He sits back and watches what he is causing you to do


Morgan Amoroso, Grade 11

The leaves

crunching below

while jumping up and down

enjoying the lovely sight of

fall time


Morgan Amoroso, Grade 11

Today was the day 

Causing my heart to skip

I could not wait to be swept away

Today was the day 

Oh, how we are such a cliche

I was so excited to kiss your lips

Today was the day 

Causing my heart to skip


“A Recipe for a Beautiful Summer Day”

Taylor McGee, Grade 9

Start off with a cold glass of lemonade 

Throw in six tablespoons of sun 

Along with a pinch of a cool breeze 

A dose of ninety degree weather 

Wrap up six hours swimming in the pool

Sprinkle in a nice cold body with a slightly bronze tan 

Throw in a dash of dairy queen ice cream 

Stir in a morning run with friends and family

Toss in a beautiful pink and blue sunset that you never want to go away 

Wisk sitting in the hot tub for six hours 

Gazing at the stars

Topped off with a little bonfire roasting marshmallows with gooey chocolate

Making this beautiful day breeze though the cold air


Taylor McGee, Grade 9

Dear moon,

How do so few notice your light?

You hind behind your wall,

Your white, color,

Your shape,

Your fights,

Your moving,

You come every night during the darkness,

People await your arrival,

But people, wait and wait,

For your arrival,

Changing into the daylight no longer is your face.

Your fears,

Of light shining down,

Of your moving from place to place,

Of your shaped circle,

And let’s not forget about the Earth.

Oh moon,

Under your darkness, I see your lightness.

Still, I won't complain about your light shining down on us.

Sincerely, your friend Taylor 


“Is it Worth the Risk?”

When I saw you my heart was half a whole;

Filled with fear of bad men who lie and cheat.

The chance of heartbreak truly scared my soul;

As I wondered, was it worth it to meet?

Weeks go by and a new light in me grows;

Because of you I now laugh and smile.

You love me for me, a part of me knows;

Yet, I’m scared you’ll stay for a short while.

The moonlight shined down on your olive skin,

the night you whispered those three words to me.

Starstruck, I realized I could love again.

Yet, I fear that you might think you should flee.

But loving you is worth any heartbreak;

My heart is now forever yours to take.


“A Sonnet for the Lonely (and Funny) Girls”

Grace Taylor, Grade 12

o how lovely it is to be alone! 

all the projects finished, all the books read,

can jam to tunes, or partake in a scone 

work on the sleep that can be done when dead


Idol suggested you dance with yourself,

and Grande explained you don’t need a beau  

I’m no Rigby, collects rice for the shelf

there's a world of fun rocking it solo


being fly, my company is enough

hello my name is Ms. Independent 

a free life, no filling it with lame stuff 

this life, like a sole star, wholly splendent 


hate to say, no matter how hard I try 

Carmen gets me with that chorus, I cry



Brayden Russell, Grade 10

Our world and its future looked brighter than ever before.


An unprecedented era of progress, innovation, and ingenuity

Which unified our cultures and brought unparalleled congruity,

And brought about impressive technological breakthroughs and blunders--

At the pathogen’s cold grasp, it all fell asunder.


Society seemed to be on the brink of total collapse

And before long, our collective mental health fell into relapse

As we lay entombed in our homes, desolate and in despair

While envisioning our ideal lives and wishing that we were there.

But those folly daydreams quickly dissipated into sorrow,

For we realized there was nothing to anticipate tomorrow.

Our plans and aspirations were cancelled indefinitely

And we miserably retreated into our abodes reticently.


And this mass dissolution simultaneously occurred across the Earth:

Younger businesses were closed and devoid of any worth

And restaurants, markets, and cinemas all became poor

And plummeted from their eternal element of grandeur.


And what had sustained its chief purpose of protection and comfort

Eventually transformed into something of a different purport:

A symbol of oppression and misery to those fully dejected

And its existence as a whole became callously neglected.

The pathogen only worsened due to the actions of the dissenters,

Leaving all the nations seeking answers from the inventors

About a potential panacea that would cease the everlasting pain

And restore the society we desperately want to regain.


Our world and its future are uncertain.


“All I Want”

All I want in life is a field of cows. 

A big large farm full of all the different 

Types of animals that walk and that prowl.

Oh wow that would just be magnificent! 


To wake up and go feed the little guys,

To have a field where they can go and graze,

To find a cowboy would be the best prize,

To wake up and do this to start my days.


Can you imagine the truck and the dog? 

Waking up to the farm and a pretty 

Sunrise and looking through the morning fog.

This could never compare to the city!


A city life could be all sorts of fun 

But where would all of the cows go to run?


“Never Shall I Forget” Poetry Model based on Elie Wiesel’s “Never Shall I Forget”

Maria Bittner, Grade 12

Never shall I forget the burning cinnamon candle in my comfy home

Never shall I forget that heart wrenching phrase that drained the warmth out of my soul.

Never shall I forget my parents rushing out of the door, trying to make it to his failing body in time.

Never shall I forget my lifelong best friend

Never shall I forget the rain pouring down harder than I had ever seen before

Never shall I forget that consumption of grief and regret

Never shall I forget the true meaning of not knowing what you had until it is gone.

Never shall I forget these things as long as I live




Maggie Knight, Grade 9

Our perception of people is based off of what we see

Well today all we see are these visual representations

Little photos of what the person behind the camera wants to be 

Though once the flash has gone off 

and the moment of deception has been put into an image for the world 

What is left 


Pictures have been used throughout history 

They’re scriptures of color and lines 

But if they are true or not is often a mystery 

Were the Greek gods of Olympus really there for their disciples as shown though the people's art 

Was the girl smiling ear to ear on that picture you just passed actually happy 


No one will ever know 

Because their viewpoint is better than what a picture might be hiding 

In reality that girl’s life could be a tornado

Overwhelming and spinning with no stop 

Or it could be exactly what the picture shows 

A joyful, happy girl 


Guess that is the thing 

No one will ever know the truth in these memories frozen in time 

It's like a string 

A string of webs all about people's perceptions 



Mackenzie Nicklow, Grade 10

you’re put into the jungle, 

out in the open.

vulnerable, without any choice,

without any help.

the tigers chase you into the pit

ferocious and persistently,

without any moral reason.

and you fall into the trap

attempting to avoid the pain and struggle,

for it seems inevitable.

the scars, though, still come

and you drown in the quicksand

deeper and deeper.

as you move to steal air,

the only thing stolen is your vitality.


you’re put into the jungle, 

out in the open.

vulnerable, without any choice,

without any help.

the stigmas chase you into the ground

bitter and vile,

without any moral reason.

and you fall into the routine

of hiding your mind full of sensitivities

pretending that your love isn’t there because it is different

thinking that, maybe, if I were a man

maybe, if they were white.

deeper and deeper into the quicksand,

where you lose your lungs,

and your heart and soul and mind.

here it will disintegrate

your dignity and identity and hope.


so maybe this time I’ll be the tiger

chasing those who put us down

into the pit that they created.

because my amazingly peculiar brain

my same love,

my womanhood, 

and my neighbor’s skin color

are no longer attributes

that will be put down and silenced.


“Never Shall I Forget” Poetry Model based on Elie Wiesel’s “Never Shall I Forget”

Never shall I ever forget accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior that night at the desk in my room.

Never shall I ever forget that page in the Bible.

Never shall I ever forget the hug like feeling of Jesus Himself, and the chills I had received.

Never shall I ever forget the fire I felt lit in my soul.

Never shall I ever forget the humid air in my room from summer and hearing the cars on  the highway at night.

Never shall I ever forget the tears roll down my cheeks as I let go of all of the burdens I felt lift off of my shoulders.

Never shall I ever forget learning that I am only complete with Him, Jesus Christ.

Never shall I ever forget that moment that truly changed my life forever.

Never shall I ever forget that moment as long as I live.



“Independently Realistic”

Don’t look up or down or sulk or frown or the world will swallow you whole. I believe in the saying, since the first time I heard it, heavy lies the crown. I just want to blend in  and excel under the radar without a hitch in my plan. I don’t need much help or preach much feminism but I don’t need help from a man. And if you find yourself in a precarious position, remember the golden rule: we’re here for a reason so don’t go around pleasin’ or you’re sure to play the fool. 


“I Hate the Word Love”

Erilyn Machesky, Grade 9

I hate the word love because as a teenager you’re told you don’t know what love is 


How can I experience love if I’m so incompetent to know what it is


Am I too young to know what love is? You can’t tell me I haven’t experienced love before, when I have my family and friends. 


Though I think the love they're talking about is the kind you feel with someone who you haven’t known your whole life. 


Everyone always says love is a scary thing, and I don’t believe them. I want to see it for myself. What if it does scare me? 


To tell the honest truth, I feel like I have been there before. I feel like I have been in love. 


How do I know I was in love? I want to describe it as this feeling that you’ve never felt before. 


Excitement. Fear. Nausea. Your stomach feels like it’s been through a roller coaster. Your head can’t wrap around the thought of loving someone like that. 


Wouldn’t it be nice to keep that person forever? Not some little three month relationship that everyone has gone through.


Oh believe me. I’ve seen all these people who say “This is the love of my life. I’m never going to love someone else.”


Reality hits and they never talk to each other again. Maybe that’s why teenagers are told that they don’t know what love is. 


Definitions of love are all seen differently. If everyone was asked to define love, all the answers would be different. 


Like how there are different types of love. Teen love is just different. Maybe it’s not meant to last forever. 


Overall it just seems to be trial and error. Taking each relationship as a test run and learning from it to know what you want in your forever. 


Vaguely, no one actually has a clear definition of love. However, you can’t tell me what love is and then tell me I don’t know what it is. 


Everyone has their own definition and if I say I’m in love. I’m in love. But I hate the word love because I’m afraid to never know what it really is.


Anthony Beveloque, Grade 12

I woke up on this rainy morning

Oh no, it’s Monday!

This day is the most boring

Why did it have to be this day?


Oh my, it’s really Monday!

Of all the days, this is the worst

Why did it have to be this day?

This day is infamous for good reason.


Of all days, this has to be the worst

The start of a new week they say.

But this day is infamous for a reason

Nobody likes Mondays!


The start of a new week they say

This day is hands down the most boring

But I still woke up on this rainy morning

Nobody likes Mondays!


Bonnie Hunt, Grade 10

I had an awful cold today.

Don’t believe me, let me get my sweater.

I was coughing and sneezing the day away.

I had an awful cold today.

I had to throw my plans with friends away.

I took some medicine to make me feel better.

I had an awful cold today.

Don’t believe me, let me get my sweater.


Serena Marilungo, Grade 12

How could I hate you? Let me name the reasons so you know.

I hate your smile, all the while you say my name.

My heart could cry, but you always wondered why.

To the end that my love slowly dies for you.

I hate the way you lie to the ends of the earth.

You acted so innocent, not even an apology, but a smirk.

I hate the way you hurt me so,

I loved you dearly, and I’d hate to see you go.

But I must get rid of you, for my life will shatter to no.

In my memories, your kiss left a stain on my tongue.

I loved how I always seemed to fall for it and lose.

With all of my strength and all of my might and soul,

Letting you go will improve and heal my cold..

Heart so it could never be broken again.


Dylan Wilson, Grade 10

Anxiety creeps up, hiding in the shadows of every dark corner

Suited in a black cloak outlined in blood red, with a devilish smirk

Lurking and preying on whom it may strike panic into next


“A Recipe for Breakups”

Start off by grabbing one gallon of icecream 

Then throw in some blankets and pillows to make the couch your new home

Stir some sad movies and sobbing into your day 

Grab one ounce of energy that you have 

Then whisk in the low self esteem and tears  

While whisking, gradually sprinkle some broken promises in 

Set out a medium baking pan and coat it with grease 

Pour all ingredients into pan and top with depression 

Bake on high until broken heart is healed 

Let your heart rest for 1 day after taking it out of oven 

Only cut into it when you are ready to date again!



Fear lurks in the corner of the hallway during the hours of the night,

Wearing nothing but a black covered suit.

He fearfully anticipates his next victim.

Calyn Hixson, Grade 9 (19-20)

Old Dandelions were given life by a wishing breath of air.

Their tiny, dancing bits traveled far and wide through the wind.

They spun, swiveled, and swayed over treetops, mountains, and everywhere.

Old dandelions were given life by a wishing breath of air. 

They're growing weary from the wind pulling them around by their hair.

They lie down on the blades for short-term slumber, soon to be awoken bright and thinned. 

Old dandelions were given life by a wishing breath of air. 

Their tiny, dancing bits traveled far and wide through the wind. 



What is beauty? 

It is a single word that sums up everything we are. 

Despite our past and despite our scars.

One single word describing every one of us. 

But the true idea is something no one will discuss. 

The idea of the girl who never thought she was enough. 

Who would look at herself every day and pray that she would see. 


What is beauty? 

Is it the story of the boy who feared what everyone would think

If they would ever see the scars and the things he would do in the dark? 

Would they see?


So then what is beauty? 

It is the story of the child who finally knows her worth

And can now understand why she was put on this earth

The one word that sums up everything I am 

A concept that I now truly understand. 

So when child?

When will you see?

When will you realize that through his eyes 

You are


"Differences" (19-20)

Once when I was younger, a boy came up to me and asked,
“So are you black or white?”
I stared at him confused
My skin didn’t resemble the paper on my desk waiting for my attention
Nor did it resemble the color of the night when I took the time to look up
My arm didn’t look like the blackboard my teacher was writing on
Nor the white, dusty chalk she was writing with
To this day I’m not sure how I responded
Take me back to the days when there was no difference
When I looked at pictures and didn’t see the obvious change between me and my peers
Because back then there wasn’t any

"A Golden Notion"

Calissa Jones, Grade 12 (19-20)

Courage emblazoned on their angled napes,

Ornate creatures venture through night-stained clouds.

Nothing can extinguish their youthful brilliance,

From which resilient hope triumphantly bounds.

Indivisible, they caress the highest stars.

Dauntless, they overpower every imaginable foe.

Ethereal, they master the noblest symphonies,

Nested in enchantments of golden afterglows.

Championing, they soar


"Senioritis" (19-20)

Senior year has finally arrived

You come to school on more than one occasion sleep deprived 

You’re relieved, but finding motivation can be frustrating 

More likely than not you’ll end up procrastinating 


It’s hard to deal with so many assignments and tests

It seems as though you can never catch a moment to rest

You count down the days until graduation 

Enjoying your last dances and games without any hesitation


You try on your cap and gown

And think of how excited you are to finally leave this town

Your future is coming at you in the blink of an eye

To most of your friends, you’ll have to say goodbye 


But don’t wish it all away just yet,

They tell you that this is something you will later regret

For years to come, you'll look back on these days 

They’re filled with memories and laughter that you will remember always

"Every Day, Every Hour, Every Second"

Abigail Chambers, Grade 12 (19-20)

Today is a new day
But will it be different than any other
Will I sit or will I stand
Will I - food. the four letter word permanently forgotten by my mind

Dusk till dawn
running together like months in a year
Am I waking up or am I falling asleep
Am I crossing oceans or am I walking in circles

The sound of wheels
Nearer and nearer as my heart beats a little quicker
My eyes open wider and a smile, that has not appeared in years
Pennies and nickels so close, but just not close enough

Ignored by the human being, a privileged one
But isn't everyone privileged compared to me?
Coffee sits in his hand, dirt sits in mine
Liquid blue stuff, water to him, foreign to me

Am I going to ever find a home
Am I ever going to be fed
Questions that turned into my reality
Not a fairytale, only my fate

Every second
Every hour
Every day

"Just My Heart"

Rachel Duncan, Grade 12 (19-20)

Boys must look at me and see my heart as a toy

They don't see its fragility or beat,

They just see plastic.

In fact sometimes, 

They don't see it at all,

Just complete emptiness.

They tell me the sweet things to make my heart flutter,

Then ghost me the next day when they realize they've found someone better.

But still I linger.

I wait patiently for them to come back and repeat the cycle.  

So who's to blame? 

Myself, for letting them see my heart as a toy,

Or them, for making it that way...

"Tired of Being Tired"

Rachel Duncan, Grade 12 (19-20)

Most times it's hard for me to get out of bed,

I either dread the day ahead or contemplate the past, 

But most times, it's both.

But I could never tell anyone that,

Even though my actions may show it.

and if I admit my feelings,

It would make me vulnerable.

I can't be vulnerable because when I am,

I slip up

and I realize that if I slip up,

If I make one mistake,

It's over.

Jillian Mihalko, Grade 12 (19-20)

The hatred used to linger

But now flowers grow in its place

From my heart to every finger

All growing at their own pace

The hatred burned like lightning

Striking fear into those close

To others it was frightening

Even to the ones that I loved most

The fire in my heart grew tired

And I just wanted it to end

But after seeing those that I admired

Maybe all I needed was a friend

Now I see everything more positive

Before life was left so sour

But by being more cooperative

The hate has grown into flowers


Leave a message; 4 am 

Some nights feelings are fatal

Don’t leave, I’ll be there talking to the moon

In case you didn’t know I wanna be yours

Sure thing I’ll never smile again

Something in the way night changes,The idea of you changes

Thinking out loud, “ain’t it funny”

Losin control,“ where did you sleep last night”

Habits of my heart leave me broken

I love the way you lie

Please never fall in love again

Ashley Crouch, Grade 10 (19-20)

Battleship sinking under the ocean. 

So many lives lost, so many lives will be missed.

Unfortunate, worldly soldiers gone, 

But never forgotten. 

In the end, the flag hanging high,

Soldiers and citizens proud. 

Everyone carefully cleaning the damage,

Heads hang low and tears streaming.

Standing at the sea shore, looking for any signs

All that washes up is the pieces of a broken seashell.


Who did I have wrapped around my finger since I took my first breath?

My Loving Dad


Who knew all the answers and held my hand since I could walk?

That Hero 


Who taught me life lessons and focused on the person I was becoming?

That Protector


Who was diagnosed with a stage four disease throughout his head and neck?

That Warrior 


Who worked everyday until he was bed-ridden?

That Provider 


Who endured endless months of pain, chemo, and radiation?

That Fighter 


Who fought cancer with every last ounce of strength that he had left?

That Survivor 


Who needed her father when she took her first steps?

That one powerful baby


Who cried every time her daddy said goodbye?

That one unhappy little toddler


Who didn't know her so called dad went to jail after her mother divorced him?

That one bright, jolly child


Who hasn’t seen her father in over eight years?

That one sorrowful little girl


Who thought she had anything to do with her father leaving?

That one crestfallen ten year old 


Who realized she’s stronger without him?


Dear Grandma,


You really were one of my favorite people

Little girl tea parties and playing with barbies

Turned into something much more serious

Sitting in a hospital waiting room for hours

Waiting for an answer to see if you're dead or alive

Really changed my perspective

This wasn’t an act of God and nature didn’t call

You did this all to yourself

And you put this on your family too

I can’t say that I fully forgive you yet

Or that there isn’t a bitterness around this

But I never wanted you to leave me

Though now it's like you already have


           Your concerned granddaughter

Calyn Hixson, Grade 9 (19-20)

Why do pigs fly?

They lift their noses high in pride,

As they approach the stairs and prepare to glide.


They climb the steps with their mighty feet,

Ready for all the myths to reach defeat.


The sky welcomes them as they approach the top of the roof,

People ask “Why do pigs fly?” Well here’s your proof


That they fly with reason and purpose,

They’ll scream “I don’t belong in your circus!”


“Or your farm or your zoo!”

“We all want freedom, just like you!”


Their wings spread while your jaws drop,

They soar away, and their smiles don’t stop.

Skyler Wilson, Grade 10 (19-20)

So what really happens right after you die?

     Do we go up in space, with the stars and shine bright?

     Or will we all just go to burn in hell, even though that doesn’t seem right?

     Maybe heaven is real, and maybe some will go there. 

     Or maybe we’ll come back to life, as the wind in the air. 

     We may become a dog, or a piece of paper, forgetting about all we used to be, 

     Or we’ll become a different human, forgetting all about you and me. 

     Before anything happens, we may see memories of our time on Earth, 

     Highlighting the best parts, reminding us of our worth. 

So what really happens right after you die?

     I have no idea, but you know what I think?

     Maybe nothing happens at all, and life just goes by in a blink.

Mattie Bridges, Grade 9 (19-20)

Dear Missing Man,


I haven’t seen you in almost two years.

You used to be the light of my day.

When I’d walk through the door and you’d greet me with a hug and a “How was your day?”

I miss your hugs and how right they felt.

I miss your smile and laugh and how they brightened the room.

I miss the cuddles you would give me in the morning.

You, I simply miss all of you. 

You made me whole, you know that right? 

Your leaving hurt us all. 

Why did you leave? How could you? 

How could you abandon the one girl whose opinion was never against you!

Leave me here to suffer while you live eternal happiness. 

Treat me like a candy wrapper, and toss me away.

How could you do that to your daughter?

How, dad?


 A lost girl

Dear Lost Girl,

It has been almost three years now. 

Not much time has passed. But lots has happened.

Time doesn’t heal wounds, but love does.

New walls bring new promises, and new faces bring new hope.

High school will be challenging but it is simply another course in life.

A course he prepared you for.

The missing man isn’t whom you should be mad at.

No one is at fault.

The missing man will forever love you.

But schedules must be followed.

His end came sadly sooner than we wanted.

He loves you dearly and misses you every day.

Don’t be mad at the missing man.

Don’t be mad at your dad.


A girl no longer lost

Calyn Hixson, Grade 9 (19-20)

Oh the images I fantasize of,

When I am placed on a firm, thin mattress.

My next destination on the atlas,

It’s right there! I am flying right above!

The fellow sites that are hard not to love.

I’ve seen the whole word; that’s on my status.

Rome, China, Venezuela, Las Vegas

All these souvenirs to get a hold of!

I run with tigers and float down rivers,

I shake maracas and wear kimonos,

I travel through caves that make me shiver,

But all this can’t happen until I grow.

In my cradle, here comes my caregiver,

To wake me from my slumber deep as snow.

Joseph Holp, Grade 10 (19-20)

Pushed against the wood like it’s all I own

Lying on my solid oak throne

Yet it is still hard to breathe

I am yet to be relieved

Six feet under the ground, I am alone

It still hurts, I can still feel all my scar

Why did I do this? I’m only subpar

I knew it was dumb

It should have never begun

She said no; for me there’s no lucky star

"Fear" (19-20)

There is always darkness before there’s light.

Disappearing, as he lurks in the darkness.

Confidently stalking his prey at night.

Sadistic action, satisfaction, Bliss.

The demon stares in your soul, excited.

The footsteps you hear walking in the hall.

The Demon stares at the child delighted.

As the child sits up crying in a ball.

Parents hear the children screaming in fear.

As they rush to comfort their child, scared.

The child looks around scared, crying in tears.

The parents look around and seem no care.

But when they leave he looks under the bed.

The child sees his red eyes and he looks dead.


You’ve seen me through so much

You’ve been there when things got heavy

I will never be able to thank you enough

I don’t know how you got through it all


You’ve been there when things got heavy

Even when I hit my lowest of lows

I don’t know how you got through it all

Even though I yelled and screamed


Even when I hit my lowest lows

You were there to pick me back up

Even though I yelled and screamed

Somehow you never stopped caring for me


You were there to pick me back up

Somehow you never stopped caring for me

You’ve seen me through so much

I will never be able to thank you enough

Joseph Holp, Grade 10 (19-20)

I know why people never smile

I finally see why no one ever cheers

The world is too full of what is vile

We are too close to all our fears


I finally see why no one cheers

Anything that brings us joy will end

We are too close to all our fears

People will hurt you till you twist and bend


Anything that brings us joy will end

Life is too short to find what really can make us feel

People will hurt you till you twist and bend

It has become too easy to lock yourself away like it’s with a seal


It has become too easy to lock yourself away like it’s with a seal

The world is too full of what is vile

Life is too short to find what really can make us feel

I know why people never smile


Loneliness waits by himself in a corner of a dark room

Wearing a frown on his face and a felt hat that covers his teary eyes

He lifts his sad, cold face and whispers “Is anybody there?”


Dear man in the moon,

You sing me your sweet song and blow a cold kiss through the window

During night time car rides, you follow me, smiling, making sure I'm safe

Wherever I go, you're always there, casting a light on the world below

Setting the night aglow

When a tear falls on my pillow case, forever giving me faith

Man in the moon, do you watch the fireflies dance with their beau

In a way they're like you, man in the moon

Lighting up their own path with a golden halo

Sometimes, I notice you haven’t been full

Is it because the sun's golden glory is stealing your shine

You cradle me and never let me feel alone 

Man in the moon, thank you


 the little girl with stars in her eyes

Abigail Long, Grade 9 (19-20)

I adore the way he admires me

We spend so many hours together

His eyes are cyan like the deep blue sea

He shines like a star through the bad weather

My life has been crazy with him in it

But I wouldn't take back any second

Sometimes he can be hectic, I'll admit

Through he never hesitates to check in

I'm always grinning when he is around

He has the power to light up a room

He picks me up when I fall on the ground

His bright smile can even make flowers bloom

But he made a mistake and let me down

And now we're just strangers with mournful frowns.

Wyatt Olson, Grade 10 (19-20)

As I gaze therein on thy sky blue eyes,

Your love radiates from your scorching soul

As our lips embrace, thunder shields the skies

Passions awakened, images not told

The vision of thy grace, stained is the Sun

Surrounding the stormy blanket of grey

In the breath of beauty, forever stuns

Thy passion forever, my soul will stay

A thousand years I could spend intertwined

Our love radiates  in the dreary dark

Thy love has left an imprint on my mind

Never left to deny our love of hearts

If all is a dream, one I am denied?

Thy love be banished, I am petrified


Depression wakes me up at 3 am

Wearing a black mask and wrapped in our favorite color

He whispers, “You didn’t think you were going to sleep, did you?”

He looks over my steady yet weak shoulders

With a dark trench coat wrapped around his cold and heartless body

He lets out a chuckle and whispers ”You are so alone.”


Abigail Long, Grade 9 (19-20)

Hearing ocean waves 

reminiscing joyous days. 

Watching the sunset 

as a new day arises, 

oh how happy I once was


My darling child please don’t care about what they say

When you go on the path to find your own way

My little one you are more than just their words

The ones I tell that mean the most are often always misheard

My baby I know that it’s hard to ignore

You are just so much more

I can’t tell you how special you make my world

Now with you it’s swirled, pearled, twirled

Every “goodnight mommy” eases my troubles

And fills my heart with bubbles

How could something so great come from me

You don't know how you, my sweet, fill me with glee

Madison Wheeler, Grade 11 (19-20)

The sun gently warms my skin 

While friends enjoy friends 

On the west side of Berlin 

The sun gently warms my skin 

What a summer this has been

When it’s over I will still pretend 

The sun gently warms my skin 

 While friends enjoy friends 

Skyler Wilson, Grade 10, (19-20)

Dear Heart, 

Thank you for having such a loving presence

For feeling for everyone above yourself

You’re going to make a difference in so many lives

With your compassion over everyone, and such a caring drive

Even though you try to help, you feel like you must be perfect all the time. 

Can you stop doing that please? 

I’m trying to use my logic to stop you, but it doesn’t seem to help. 

These people aren’t judging you, and you’re using me to overthink too much

Just be yourself, let loose, and stop worrying about what people think, 

Because at the end of the road, when you stop beating, those things don’t matter

And the only thing that will is the pure kindness in your soul; that’s what they’ll remember. 

Sincerely, Your Intelligent Head

Dear Head, 

I know. I’m trying to get you to make all the decisions

You’ve turned out to be very smart, zipping right through academics and tests. 

I know that I need to rely on you, but what if something bad happens?

You don’t feel any emotions, only I do

So what if something goes wrong, and I get hurt again? 

We should try to balance each other out, so we can do the right thing, 

Because when you take control, that’s when selfish things are done.

I’m trying to stop worrying, and let your positive thoughts take over. 

I’m just doing my best so that everything can turn out right. 

I will keep pushing forward so that everything works out for us both. 

Please keep me in your thoughts when you think about others, because we both need each other. 

Sincerely, Your Compassionate Heart

Gabrielle Long, Grade 11 (19-20)

A dove in the sky

It is hard to say goodbye

You are at peace now


Ashley Crouch, Grade 10 (19-20)

Who picked me up when I tripped?

     The strongest woman I know

Who dried the tears that fell from my eyes?

     The woman who loves me the most

Who taught me to be kind and strong?

     The woman with the biggest heart

Who believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself?

     The woman who never left me

Who is my hero and the most reliable person in my life?


Nevaeh David, Grade 9 (19-20)

Green lily pads float

Upon the murky waters

Over the unknown

Abigail Long, Grade 9 (19-20)

Regret lies static in the dark hole of her head

Staring with a disappointed, vacant face,

Sobbing on the cold, empty floor.

"Ethos Pathos Logos Rap...I mean poem!"

Mrs. Ryan, English Teacher

Ethos means you’re credible

now wouldn’t that be nice

for others to listen to your expert advice.


Wait, here’s a tissue to dry your eyes.

It’s pathos they were using to make you cry.

Hold up, now you’re laughing? What a device!

Pathos uses our emotions to make us buy.

Buy into what they’re selling or talking about

and that’s very clever without a doubt.


Let’s be real for a moment.

It’s clear to see

that facts, logic, statistics are what we all need!


Logos is the thing that makes us agree

that what you are saying is best for me!

The tools of persuasion are what you should use

whenever you’re in trouble or bend the rules.


Hey, yo! Wait a minute…

they’re not just for that.

I’m not buying what you’re selling.

That reason is whack.

The tools of persuasion are what you should use

to stand up for yourself so you don’t lose

an argument. That’s true. It’d be really nice. 

If you could persuade someone to take your advice.


Ethos pathos logos are the G.O.A.T.S. of persuasion. 

You can use them anytime and for any occassion. 


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